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Help  world record book of job creation  edit the greatest health-knowhow flights ever made - some dates approximate

B72 knowhow of oral rehydration shared by Calcutta Lab with Bangladesh grassroots womens networks- BRAC uses this to scale its fiirst grassroots network . Networkers of how to save infants lives with oral rehydration are turned into 50000+ viillage para-health servants advisng on basic helath chalenges to maternal and infant health. In parallel 7 years of womens circles dialogues demonstrating cures like Oral Rehydration become the basis of Grameen's 16 Decision culture- -see interview with First Female director of Graeen Bank Mrs Nurahan Begum.  Later James Grant (while head of UNICEF) hears of the Bangla miracle Oral Hydration collaboration- convinces US North East corridor to share this knowhow with all national leaders of developing countries. This is partly why today's flagship public health curriculum at BRAC University takes James's name Both at BRAC and Gramee,n it is trust-flow earned through healthcare networking with village mothers that becomes the passport for being trusted to bank for village mothers livelihoods in the global village race to end poverty of their children, and all millennials. At the community level, sustainble investment banking and hi-trust women empowering basic health services are integrally linked. Any other model of microfinace has nothing to do with the economic miracle that gthe world can joyfully action learn from Bangladesh.

B96 Since 1996 Budapest's richest man funded Bangladesh to be first to experiments with mobile partnerships with poorest village families. Leapfrogging possibilities (10 times more economical than paper-based knowhow systems are emerging) none more so than in sharing life-critical health knowhow. B012 H012 : In 2012, 20th open society celebrations hosted out of Budapest celebrated the greatest living public health servants -Sir Fazle Abed-BRAC,  Paul Farmer (whose twin millennial knowledge networks since 1984 linkin Haiti and Boston, and have arrived (thanks to Jim Kim) at the core of world bank's race to end poverty sunce 2012. The eartquake in Haiti demolished the nation's medical training hospital which has now been built round freinds of Paul Farmer- the opportunity is both a world class local teaching hoispotal and an epicentre of sharing free knowhow -GHDonline  PIH boston- Haiti Mirabelais). Elearniing structures are the other most exciting advance 2012-2015 just imagine what a mix up of yazmi elearning satellite, khan academy peer to peer virtual tutors, and Mirabelais-GHD could do. Meanwhile Jim KIm empowers all millennails  as beliveing 25-35 year olds can now be most edcated, connecte and collaborative the human race has ever seen. Mapping where medical millennials match this responsibility is now quite simple- can we do this for other millennial sectors as every greatest human dream of #2030now can be realised if we fully value millennials  




online library of norman macrae





.links mentioned :

.our editors aiming to connect millennials healthcare networks are re-editing - question what ways can youth most help yunus on health microfranchises;  eyecare pop group fundriased over 1 million dollars for first replications in bangladesh of the microfranchise founded by and Indian doctor and massivley supported by Larry Brilliant

 grameen nursing college,  monthly design competitions in dhaka c is the first official bookmark that health millennials wanting to help yunus should look at? is there anything more specific in mhealth than Http:// is there a first collaboration bookmark to understand how to connect with yunus and Japan tech lab ? .. 


if you can help millions of youth go viral with Muhammad Yunus favorite postcard of girl empowerment Post Card - Final.pdf Post Card - Final.pdf, 628 KB please main


bravo khanachealth 1 2  3 -related links to will youth's freedom be destroyed by national health service 1



vote for healthwebs worth your knowledge sharing time  (help us research is there a triple win- patients, mit, investors), wholekidsfoundation,


most urgent 9-minute skillset menus ever MOOC.

 Open society economists forecast over 100 million vacancies for nursing worldwide. (1984 The Economist)



Join open education leaders: Old education and media are stull increasing that gap. Use every opportunity of MOOC to empower low cost nursing colleges ... final Brief for Sir Fazle Abed on MOOC.pdf final Brief for Sir Fazle Abed on MOOC.pdf,


help us write up

9 minute script on how net generation depends on liberating 100 million nursing jobs


......potential. (3-in-1 magic of Bangladesh  hi-trust community development: bank, health, edu)



Oral Rehydration


 Oral Rehydration. In humid poor countries, one out of 5 infants die  from extreme diarrhea unless mothers know about oral rehydration- mixing boiled water, sugar and salts in the correct proportion. The mother who applies this cure in time save lives. OR is a life-saving cure with virtually no cost to serve but requiring knowhow networking of 100% of village mothers

Para-health servants - BRAC's first scaled village network.  


Infant Nutrition

Extra ref

The Economist's most cheerful chart in world

Y A k Sa


Crop Sci: Borlaug

Nippon Inst BRAC

 Infant nutrition, the sustainable economist's other passion from birth. Medical experts know that the nutrition an infant gets during the first 1000 days determines not only health prospects of the being but physical brain development. Yunus solution- vegetable garden (especially carrots) linked into each 60 women's banking centre. Infant nutrition first non-financial Social Business in 1980 and first global sb partnership 2005


Mobilising Global Healthcare - Opportunity & Risk


In 1984 The Economist surveyed would global healthcare get 3 times more costly and bust many nation's next generations, or 3 times less costly. 1996 becomes crossroads when Yunus is first to bring mobile phones to villages and identify mobile medical as most economical app. We'll continue review of 20th C pre-digital health innovations before guide to millennials digital empowered medical opportunities


Grassroots healthcare network programs started pre-digital


 bottom-up programs for healthcare-start with brac 20th C catalogue : Essential HealthCare; Maternal, Neonatal and Child Healthcare, Alive & Thrive - nutrition, Tuberculosis control program,  Malaria Control Program; // case yunus's tens of thousands of womens centres weekly identification with 16 decision culture




Also see BOP evolution to Paul Polak;s top 20 bottom up multinationals

Best in class example of fully worked through microfranchise- end needless blindness with 10 times more productive cataract surgery format. Life work of indian eye surgeon and connection of larry brilliant expert networks. Most durable of medical bottom-of-pyramid models spotted by CK Prahlad


Ending plagues


See also africa free satellite -samara motivated by infonets to minimise spread of hiv

Larry Brilliant is medic who tracked last case of small pox in pre-digital era. Since then he was first ceo of and now brings his disaster prevention network designs to skoll foundation - key system ILAB (eg Cambodia)


Grand Orchestra Xmas


Commemorated launch of Poland's freedom with annual nation-wide funder to modernise childrens health programs in hospital. Xmas fundraising twinned with summer open air concert maximising Polish youth celebration of health service capabilities. Poland's number 1 social entrepreneur model - award at 2013 Nobel Peace laureate summit Warsaw


HIV new drug R&D


The value chain case Jim Kim recommends  #2030nowmilelans study first - uneconomical markets usually have at least 5 conflict blocks as this case shows. Moving into post-digital area - this case is benchmark of millennials for economic solutions to chronic diseases -YP Chronic Harvard. Need to change pharma industry to R&D rewards not IP lawyers


Nearly Free Nursing College



PIH haiti

Ultimate real and digital-age convergent challenge if millennials are to bend the curve on ever increasing cost of healthcare

 109 ommunity free healthcheck days W4E Benchmarks Maryland's Women4Empowerment model - about twice a year, a mall of doctors office is staffed by diaspora doctors and friends form john hopkins- over 3000 families come for free healthchecks

our fastest way to update note on the world's most affordable solution to human healthcare are at this  googledoc (ie micro-wiki )-we welcome collaborative editors - a Norman Macrae Foundation project for Youth Capitalism washington dc 1 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc please help us with youth capitalism benchmarks for affordable accessible health - info -- volunteer of first youth 25000 assembly of Yunus Creative labs Inc - a 501 foundation being launched 22 Nov 2013 by Ted Turner, Jimmy Carter, MUhammad Yunis and other peace laureates. Technical reference - 41st year of Entrepreneurial Revolution Valuetrue mapping started in The Economist 1972

Health Summit wiki 1  - Open Health Competitions 1


Collaboration Bangladesh

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus:

Empowering Income Generation of village mothers is the greatest healthcare stimulus of them all. List core ways 16 decision culture of the bank to end famine/poverty lived MY’s :

eg1 each 60 village mothers have own centre for knowhow exchange- child health pivotal concern starting with eg oral dehydration (method illustrated on back cover of members savings book)

eg 2 nutrition: first non-financial service distributed by barefoot bankers- small packs of carrot seeds to combat infant night blindness- scaled up so that at one time grameen biggest seeds seller in nation, and every village banking centre twins with community vegetable garden

eg 3 every grameen member builds pit latrine for sanitation

  1. Grameen Kalyan


Some specific health care projects of Grameen

-set up Grameen Kalyan- a dollar a month health care and information service built round the most basic services and directing members to most affordable suppliers of non-basic; also prevention

-first global social business partnership - infant nutrition with danone yogurt

-purpose of first practice specific social business fund- the green children pop music celebration of Nobel prize period-  social business recording hear me now collects first million dollars for replication of aravind model into grameen eye clinic

-grameen nearly free nursing college - goal end nurseless villages - and celebrate online health curriculum at every age (see eg khanacademy’s where open health knowhow is second greatest focus after maths

-mobile health apps are a major focus of the grameen intel partnership

Most Grameen business extend into health benefit products- so Grameen Shkati which has installed a million solar units other hugescaling project is clean cooking stoves (traditional ones are major polutant kilers of children and mothers)

Grameen Veolia for affordable healthy water - combating the systemic crisis or arsenic being prevalent in many vilage sources of water in Bangladesh

BRAC - a healthcare basic service retailer in every village emerged from BRAC”s first rural-wide campaign -

health is an extra literacy valued by BRAC’s primary education system - the main one serving rural children in Bangladesh

Grameen and BRAC have inspire food security and crop science value chain transformations with major goals such as:

first 1000 days of infant nutrition

ending starvation of smallest scale farmeing families

Other Countries Racing to Interact Millennium Goals

Partners in Health - originated from idea of Boston networked teaching hospital meeting health service contracts of eg USAID while leaving as much local knowhow behind. Most exciting consequences- after haiti’s earthquake, coordinated rebuilding of nation’s training hospital - shares as much open source training materials as possible- a co-founder of PfP is now chairman of world bank


-related summits: global healthcare summit (next boston nov 25 2013) with Partners in Health; youth summit oct 2013 with Jim Kim at World Bank




Rest of World

Poland’s greatest annual fundraiser and pop festival organiser designed around funding a major new nationwide branch of childrens hospital service -winner of social action network prize of 13th World Summit of Nobel peace laureates - see also triad of Youth Capitalism networking of Poland, Hungary, Ukraine

Mercy Ships ... mobilises days when 3000 people can get free healthcheck linking in all locally collaborative medical networks; 5 prime dimensions of community health curriculum underpin the workings of the Global Good Fund

search british national health service for the deepest movements aimed at restoring affordable healthcare communally - eg east midlands nhs hosted 3000 open space on how to raise life expectancy to national standard; 2012 opening ceremony of olympics reminded world how much community sustainability depends on empower nurses to be most trusted

Grameen DanoneCommunities (the first public social business investment fund) first social business partnership in china targets infant nutrition with fortified cereal bars

Medecines sans frontieres is one of the most inspiring knowledge and action networks in NGO world

Nigeria flying doctor service founded by an under 30 Nigerian British lady with extra educational support from Japan. Lagray is founded by a Nigerian-American aiming to development pharma company in Africa by and for Africans. These are members of active Nigeria Diaspora group whose main US hub is open technologist at MIT

The Clinton’s Arkansas is the lead state trying to improve the value of healthcare through telemedicine.It won the communit broadbang award to lead this app part of a 4 billion dollar fund Obama tried to kick start USA after Wall Street had melted down so much of what community value exchanges are most dependednt on.


Parallel hunts for future solutions in markets youth value most

Foundation Norman Macrae - The Economist's Pro-youth economist and since 1972 Entrepreneurial Revolution's founder of open education Washington DC 1 301 881 1655


Search with Yunus by city and region

 Does your region  have a cluster for pro-youth futures of health service markets?

DC nd MD region includes:

Carrie Rich Global Good Fund

Naila Chowdhury veteran of Grameen Technology and local leader of

John Hopkins who are also a Coursera partner

The UDC annual student social business competition open to all students in the tristate region - typically onver 30% of entries involve health services or nutrition solutions - both in this region and the 5 other regional locations across usa where yunus sb competitions are staged

DC is the epicenter for debriefs on the 4 billion dollar Obama investment in community broadband- the Clinton's state of Arkansas was chosen to lead usa on program's telemedicine experiments - mobile apps can make the 21st c nurse the number 1 information search and service connector of communities and local affordable access

Since I live within a stones throw of NIH I would love to her from anyone there who is working on more affordable healthcare and how health markets need to be designed to sustain future generations

DC is annual celebrant of which includes the opportunity to share affordable heathcare opportunities with dr yunus and has hosted poster comperitions on extremely affordable helthcare

Mail me if you region has a cluster we can feature at this practice web and at ou intercity notes space



7 worldwide wonders of open learning ....

7 nings  ....


One of the biggest findings by investment banks for youth is that policy analyses of healthcare for the elderly and heafthcare for youth involve wholly different impact analyses of compound opportunities and risks. Because youth are not are a voting constituency in democratic government, heathcare policies spin further and further away from youth's health needs even though the future of any nation depends on growing the productivity of youth



Youth investment banking has innovated the the biggest gamechanger in economy of heathltcare - free nursing colleges. Not only do these compound the economic goal of ending nurseless communities but they focus youth passions on how mobile collaboration technology can transform wellbeing and healthcrae costs and they help youth to be at the centre of not just healthcare policy but doing health and celebrating heroines whose service inpacts the laregst number of peoples futures. Extraordinary peer to peer impacts in action learning in schools become possible when young nurses are a community's most linked in networker. Cross-cultural community celebrations also become grounded in the right stuff.

download draft case on grameen nursing college --entry for 50 greatest hits of first 15 years of microcreditsummit

Official Grameen Health webs - Kalyan   Health
Examples of fast scaling partnerships as at early 2011 -
  • Grameen Nursing College - knowledge partner Glasgow Caledonian; fund partners include Nike Foundation girl effect
  • Grameen Intel - mobile data collections helps track those women whose pregnancies show high risk signals
  • The social business pop group The Green Children funded 2 Grameen Eyecare hospitals (Aravind model)
  • The grameen technology lab in japan (Kyushu) is helping to build an integrated data monitoring device linking in members banking and health records; the Glasgow Caledonian Social Business professorship is first in world to model the microeconomics connections of job creation banking and health. Papers published in inaugural issue of Journal of Social Busienss
  • Nutrition, paricularly of members children, has been a core focus of Grameen's 16 decision culture from the outset. This guides what investments and innovations members define as critical to sustainably ending village poverty. One of Dr Yunus' first entrepreneurial solutions beyond financial services (1983) was to help cure night blindness of members children - the simple solution was for bank managers to distribute 1 taka packs of carrot seeds so as to improve the childrens vitamin intake. The first global social business partnership with Danone in nutritious yogurt was also targeted at members children's nutrition. On winning the Nobel Prioze in 2006, Yunus announced renewed partnership searches of Grameen Health.

this is a grameen fans web - rsvp info if we have missed vital health link in guided tour to official grameen bookmarks on health kalyan (est 93 as diagnostics, insurance ), and most recently Grameen Nurse   & US-led learning centre consortium (Emory leads panel including US Yunus Partners  McGill and Duke Universities, Pfizer, General Electric Healthcare Systems, Mayo Clinic, Sabin Vaccine Institute and Johnson & Johnson; there are alternative views 1) GH whose Grameen CP8 corporate brands include Grameen Danone (kid nutrition), Grameen Veolia (water), BASF Grameen (chemicals eg mosquito nets); health service structure of Grameen Health Care Services in dhaka -4 substructures GKalyan, GS, GTS. GBB -and several SB programs 1 Eyecare;   CP9YunusUni: GlasgowCal  ; Grameen has an Italian NGO partnership with Cure2Chldren (Bone marrow/Thalassemia) ; health-overall as edited by grameen america the main organiser of CP3 health sb summits as part of america's leading health conference circuit; 


resources for playing boardgames of  global grameen partners in sustainability -leading current health game -also if you can help open source updates of grameen cases please link with our social business journalist ning or our grameen brand architecture maps


Our blog catalogues all social business cases of healthcare -eg Aravind ; RSVP info if you have  a case to nominate 

 Social Business Csse

Grameen Nurse Institute open source property asserted by The Social Busienss Action Team - Q&A welcomed by team - chris.macrae

How Can Universities Help Catalyse Unique Global Social Business Partnerships

Grameen Nurse Institute is an inspiring, if brand new example of a Social Business, for the world to map, action and learn around. It probably would never have happened if Dr Yunus hadn’t gone to talk at a University and found that the University and he wanted a lifelong partnership –well 2 actually! The second partnership is Grameen Bank Glasgow which may become one of our favourite cases in next years’ annual if it proves to be the first Grameen Europe bank to become a regional benchmark. (references British Council  : BBC ) For now we will focus on the story of Grameen Nurse Institute. It’s a fantastic example of job creation in a sector with rising global demand, and demonstrates how social business shares out that surplus for all parties integrating around the poorest, and not just for the few who see the most bucks to make.

On driving Dr Yunus to his talk and awards ceremony at Glasgow Caledonian University , compatriot and university lecturer Dr Zasheem Ahmed asked Dr Yunus whether he knew that Glasgow Caledonian was one of the largest trainers of nurses for the UK national health Service. Seeing that Dr Yunus looked interested by the remark he asked why not ask Vice Chancellor to lend you some of Caledonian's trainers in Bangladesh. This has catalysed a chain of partnerships that less than 10 months later were one of the most inspiring announcements of Clinton Global Initiative 2009. In particular. Dr Yunus had hunted out Nike Foundation who have branded their focus around Girl Power with extra support from one of Buffett Family Foundations, Novo. How could they refuse to join in what is probably the truest Girl Power Social Business of them all.

Dr Yunus has long been looking for an opportunity to start up a Free Womens University , a social business model which as far I know began as a unisex one in South Africa at Cida thanks to founder Taddy Blecher, though it too quickly attracted girl power supporters in the likes of Oprah Winfree. She wanted the alumni of her own school for girls to seriously consider graduating at CIDA.  Another early fan of CIDA was the entrepreneur who won 2nd prize in Richard Branson’s tv reality apprentice competition Rebel Billionnaire- her prize being the money to start a girls charity. Those who know of Branson’s own social business Virgin Unite will see it more or less launched itself out of CIDA. The Free University model, broadly speaking, offers to train a graduate in some life critical service or practical entrepreneurial innovation for free. In return, the CIDA graduate commits to spending their next several years serving rural or poorest parts of the country.  

So now the partnership of Glasgow Caledonian as a Yunus Centre- one that is now advertising the world’s first social business chair in health – Nike Foundation and an emerging chain of partners is building Grameen Nurse Institute.

When Dr Yunus won the Nobel Prize he told his friends that health partnerships would be his big new priority. His social business pop group at the time  The Green Children  raised a million dollars which was enough to build 2 replications of the aravind eyecare hospital (started in India – se separate entry). These facilities were opened within a year of starting up. Dr Yunus also has a social business partnership with a hospital construction group that helps!

However perhaps the most deeply practical dynamic to know about the Grameen Nurse Institute Plan is that it intends to send its trained nurses to serve at Grameen members rural health insurance branches, and of course to encourage neighbourhood school girls through peer groups to learn first aid, and perhaps become the next graduates of Grameen Nurse Institute. Grameen’s Health insurance   branch began in 1992 and still focuses on diagnosing illness and recommending where to go or what pills to take for the cheapest cure (that part being a co-pay the patient makes). It seems like a good deal to us as Grameen Kalyan is still quoting Grameen Bank members annual insurances for the family at two dollars in those locations it operates. The main block to this most economical service in the world of health spreading across rural Bangladesh is trained personnel. The several hundred current staff of Grameen Kalyan are probably the most productive medical and economics network you will find anywhere –as always rsvp if you spot a candidate for that social business roll of honor      

Can Grameen Nurse Institute be a benchmark for renewing girl power and community healthcare?

Why not web round Grameen Nurse Institute as most valued girl power social business on the planet. Dr Yunus is busy showing how to connect partnerships of medical technology companies now that most diagnostics and some procedures can be examined remotely through the net –ie the top expert doesn’t have to be in the field to empower fieldworkers as mobile nurses or para medics. These partnerships look set to keep on growing as the head of Grameen America, Vidar Jorgensen, makes his own for profit living with America’s largest heath conferences The time I met Vidar he explained that he had a hobby of searching the world for unexpectedly economical healthcare services in poorest places and had discovered where they appeared they were usually connected with a microcredit. So that’s why he  originally partnered Dr Yunus. This was years before Dr Yunus met up with the social entrepreneurs of Ashoka and Jeff Skoll’s Oxford world championships, and asked them why not become sustainable as social business entrepreneurs. History shows that many communities’ proudest creations were hospitals as social businesses- the 2010s can rediscover the huge vocational values that were once the heart of the medical profession and which heroines like Florence Nightingale empowered the world’s most loving girls to mother.


Official Grameen web sites - GrameenHealth (Bangladesh) ; GrameenKalyan (Bangladesh) illness diagnosis insurance; GrameenAmerica- regional partner search hub and worldwide health partners in association with - cases from YunusCentre (Bangladesh) include: ..coming soon

Health Management Centres

Eye HospitalsNursing CollegesMedical UniversityNutritionWater

Mosquito Net

Rest of this web is a fan site - help us connect the most relevant social business case news as well as anyone who can help Bangladesh Healthcare or who wants to replicate extremely affodable system solutions washington DC tel 301 881 1655

GrameenHealthcare is a fans web inviting your support connecting how to collaborate around Muhammad Yunus goal to design a national healthcare system for Bangladesh starting with services social business designed round the world’s poorest women entrepreneurs and their families


The first global Grameen supporters club meeting took place in Wolfsburg near Berlin Nov 2009- we have annotated what we have recalled who among these 1000 leaders and fans connects what with health. Please tell us if you search out more details than we have noted- and especially if you have suggestions of who else can collaborate around this extraordinary sustainability goal


We also wish to open source action learning on how peoples can design extremely affordable healthcare systems to anywhere else worldwide where peoples wish to see this life critical demand and supply designed sustainably for all




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peter do you know how: he seems to be crazy about health the right way and linkin out of alabama 



bhuiyan do you have a map you can share with us today of which practice experts out of georgia and alabama you trust ideas of in helping inspire youth the same way that yunus and the nobel laureates wish; poland nobel summit 2013 number 1 social prize went to a health network to which over 10% of the population participate each year in building one specialty area of childrens medicine t a time - it links in a summer pop concert with a new year funding drive- it makes other pop concerts to end poverty look very unlinked in the national or global psyche for social actions; whats great about this is that te polish people know they can build a health service in a sustainable way top-down politicians never could- every country in europe let alone europes east would benefit from replicating this model -it would also be a natural extension of monica's sing for hope


kathryn is leading student connector of health students interested in health social businesses out of alabama- she's also crazy about regenerating health amongst a community of coffee farmers in haiti; tebabu runs african diaspora value chains summits especially on coffee which make official usaid attempts to map value chains look far from grounded at either end - producers in africa ; diaspora community consumers in eg dc


I think of the world like a correspondence model of an old fashion newspaper


if we do not start to work out a shortlist of practice areas of which health is one and map both some regionally committed people as well as some world all stars then the process around atlanta cant possibly connect positively with jim kim's or any other youth movement



cc rj meyers doctor heads results chapter boulder; carrie rich global fund dc - author of book on community healthcare curriculum; bhuiyan links person for 10000+ youth and yunus and nobel laureate and ted turner summit atlanta nov 2015; ira director of the nobel leaureate prized organisation physicians preventing nuclear war;  mostofa youth's correspondent out of dhaka on challenges facing eg grameen next; these include yunus first impossible possible postcard inviting help to make his free nursing college 10 times more resourced in next year - why not!!! -especially as haiti microcredit cant possibly work separately from healthcare and the world's number 1 open source medical training college resource is linked out of haiti by partners in health as zasheem and I found out in budapest last year at soros-hosted conferences featuring paul farmer


naila first female director of grameen phone- health is major practice area being mobilised by women4empowerment including annual 2000 family free heathcheck which links in about 100 medics many associated with john hopkins or bangladesh expats; ryan is the student rep on the advisor board of women4empowerment

 nazrul accompanied mrs begum when she won the 2009? un spanish womens prize - several of the people from spain there were concerned with leading  community healthcare practices


 mnina medical graduate florida wanting to help yunus on social business health for many years now;  bernardo connector of universities with valid social business curricula especially in hispanic countries and communities- moved from chile to florida;  sam would know whether any other results chapters have leading health connectors; anna's microcredit students across san diego have regenerated health centres "La maestra" as spaces for lending circles ; when asked where to go observe multidimensional regeneration of communities by micoi=credit in usa, san diego is a favorite pick of larryjean claudes puddle _ major experimental labs san francisco and san diego and various hispanic networks -  is a leading way for poorest community circles to take back their savings flows - he's friends with matt flannery - do any of the entrepreneurs of kiva zip form a health services cluster of microentrepreneurs;  liz is just about the only yunus competition pitcher who has sustained a development solution (sanitation) in health area (if there are others why arent they already in a lively network); - jack is the world's leading xepert on microsanitation out of singapore; samantha's social business earth association out of italy had 2 favorite health issues - it was trying to do what the greencholdren helped yunus do to aravind end unnecessary blindness to end unneccessary deafness; it was trying to help prostitutes or other at risk young women in bangladesh get a healthier life; chris temple in la ubernetworker of student microcredt movements also keeps in live contact with =the greenchildren; the greencholdren also helped promote ingrids jamii bora and if i recall ingrid's number 2 is the wife of kenya's health minister

cam is tee social business professor of health and wellbeing Markets and Health in the Home of Smith and Yunus by social business professor Cam Donaldson & Glasgow Cal Team ; Okada-san knows what social business health concepts are being pitched by the thousand student SB competitions run out of japan

 fiona's yunus competition out of new hampshire did most to use virtual screening modes of connections of all the stakeholders needed to sustain student competitions


paul oz's uber-connetor of health and volunteer students and reconcilation across 50 cultures and 10 nobel laureates out of monash university


I cant undesstand - we have been talking atlanta for more than  a year now but I dont know where these practice correspondent groups are forming to link together students, mentors, investors, educators, judges


who else could we add to a bottom up health group now- we have thehehad of the world bank a sknowledgeable as anyone on bottom-up value chains of health- he has challenged millennials to post on solutions to an april 2015 spring world bank fair; do we have any of our 10000 atlanta youth likely to pitch in health areas ; if so how do we mentor them so they also pitch to jim kim's #2030now as net generation's defining social valuation movement



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extraoirdinary advances include

France 24 reports that researchers at Hebrew Uni in Israel expect within 3 years to enable any mobile phone to take a photo of a persons finger in such a way that malaria can be diagnosed
10:52 pm edt 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 web - selected content
48 Grameen Clinics (GCs) have been established across Bangladesh that include a laboratory and pharmacy, and satellite camps along with community health outreach, and emergency services. The GCs are associated with a local Grameen Bank Branch and are led and managed by a licensed physician, who is assisted by one or two paramedics, a laboratory technician and six community health assistants. This network currently operates with 93% cost recovery. The GCs typically serve a population of 50,000 persons living within 8-10 kilometers of the clinic. For more information please visit: link
A vital component of these health programs is the accompanying micro-health insurance scheme to encourage positive health seeking practices. This serves a dual purpose of enhancing utilization of health services and improving cost-recovery to achieve sustainability. An integral part of the Grameen approach is the ?sixteen decisions? which guide all GB borrowers and their families toward productive living. Indeed, more than half of these 16 decisions directly address the health and well being of borrowers and their families. Thus, the basic principles of learning organizations and an overall vision to support the well-being of the poor have been pillars of the Grameen approach.
Opened in 2008, the first Grameen Eye Hospital is modeled after the successful Aravind eye hospitals in India. These targeted to perform 50,000 eye examinations and 10,000 cataract operations per year. The hospital charges its patients based on their ability to pay, with wealthier clients charged at a normal rate and the poor at subsidized. Everyone receives the same high-quality treatment. The key to the success of the model is a system that delivers very high quality and standard eye care services at an affordable cost by using high volume and having highly trained technicians doing most of the examination and preparation work so that ophthalmologists can focus on the operations.

Social Business Joint Ventures

Grameen Danone Foods
The Grameen and Groupe Danone entered into a joint venture agreement effective from March 2006, to form a company called Grameen Danone Foods - a social business enterprise in Bangladesh. Grameen Danone Foods brings daily healthy nutrition to low income nutritionally deprived populations in Bangladesh and alleviates poverty through the implementation of a unique community based business model.

Grameen and Veolia Water agreed in March 2008 to set up a new company called Grameen-Veolia Water Ltd to supply drinking water to the poorest people of Bangladesh. Its mission will be to operate several water treatment and production plants in the poorest villages in Bangladesh. At the end of 2008, the first plant, has begun supplying water suitable for cooking and drinking to 25 000 inhabitants of Goalmari, a village 100 km. from Dhaka. Consumers pay a price that is set on the basis of what they can afford. All the profits will be reinvested in the further development of the project.

BASF Grameen Ltd. will start by utilizing two products from BASF’s portfolio: dietary supplement sachets containing vitamins and micronutrients, and impregnated mosquito nets that offer protection against insect-borne disease. BASF will contribute €200,000 initial investment, funds for one million sachets of vitamins and micronutrients and 100,000 mosquito nets. Grameen’s contribution includes its knowledge of the market, distribution structures and networks in Bangladesh.


Development Programs

Integrated Network of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Clinics
A new Grameen University and Hospital in Bangladesh will be an important focal point of the project. This hospital and university will be developed into one of the most advanced in the country, treating patients from all strata of society with the best methods possible. Additionally, a strong research and training component will be attached to every aspect of the hospital and university. The university will focus on training doctors, nurses and technicians that will be critical to the growth and effectiveness of the overall network.

The hospital will have branches all over the country, including 30 district Grameen Hospitals; 5 of these will be larger regional Grameen Hospitals located in bigger cities. There will also be up to 3,000 or smaller technician staffed community ambulatory clinics. These clinics will be organized to serve the entire local population in addition to Grameen borrowers. All these centres will have their own research and training components in addition to the quality treatment and primary Healthcare facilities.

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Corporare partnership experiments with Grameen Kalyan

In September 2008, Grameen Kalyan collaborated with Pfizer Inc., General Electric (GE) Healthcare, and Mayo Clinic in pursuit of scalable models of healthcare and micro health insurance delivery in Bangladesh. Each of the partner organizations was chosen due to its respective field: Pfizer is a global research-based pharmaceutical company, GE Healthcare is a global manufacturer of medical devices such as ultrasounds, and Mayo Clinic is a large non-profit that operates medical schools, and medical treatment and research centers in the United States. The partners will evaluate ways to improve Grameen Kalyan’s existing system, and in September 2009, will propose business models that aim to scale and replicate the model in other developing nations.

Grameen Kalyan’s new alliance will reportedly focus on the following five areas:

(1) Implementing primary health promotion and disease prevention programs, including maternal and child health promotion and nutrition programs.

(2) Expanding Grameen Kalyan’s current healthcare delivery and HMI programs.

(3) Establishing permanent training programs for nurses, technicians and physicians.

(4) Reviewing operating efficiencies and the types of services offered by Grameen Kalyan’s clinics.

(5) Introducing genomic, epidemiological, and outcomes research capability to increase prevention and treatment of diseases particular to Bangladesh

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Grameen Kalyan
official web no longer maintained as separte entity as whole program expands and is integrared round Grameen Health

typical policy: source

Grameen Kalyan Product Details

Product Features and Policies

Microinsurance Type Preventive and curative health care

Group or individual product Individual

Term Annual

Eligibility requirements Grameen Bank borrowers and their families or villagers living within 8 km of each GK health centre

Renewal requirements None

Rejection rate No one is rejected

Voluntary or compulsory Voluntary

Product coverage (benefits)

25% off retail price of 15 essential basic medicines

10% off retail price of other medicines

30-50% off normal pathology tests

50% off referred consultation fees

US$8.52 – 17.04 provision for other hospitalisation costs

Up to US$34.08 for pregnancy related costs

Free annual check-up for head of household

Free immunization against six diseases

Free house visits by female health assistant

Key exclusions No specified exclusions31

Pricing – premiums US$2.04/2.56 (GB/non-GB) per year

Pricing – co-payments and


Medical consultation fee: US$0.09/0.17/0.85 (GB/non-GB/noncardholder)

Pricing – other fees No other fees

At little over $2 per year Kalyan's secret as a world's most economical health insurance program is to focus on greatest needs; diagnosing the most common illnesses, recommending cure, and maintaining statistics (mobile tech) that help minimise epidemics etc; it also increasingly offers screening (eg maternal diagnostics) and as part of Grameen's microbank of social business models is a foundation to interface with other most economical solutions and collaboration partnerships of Building Social Business (Muhammad Yunus main focus since 205) . Historically Kalyan's replication has been constrained by lack of rural nurses- that's why the new grameen nursing college (2010) which connects with Grameens secondry school scholars creating jobs for girls is  a win-win-win that keeps on multiplying

GRammen K originates as solution to these 1993 findings

A study undertaken by Dr. David Gibbons and Helen Todd

in 1992 found that after 10 years of Grameen borrowing, 58% of the members had lifted

themselves out of poverty, compared with only 18% of non-borrowers. Of the 42% of

borrowers who failed to improve their socio-economic condition, 60% had experienced a

serious illness within the family that drained family resources.29

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Help Us Map Connections of all Grmeen SB partners connecting health (italics means  collaboration network not specific to grameen partnering 

 6 ExponentialTrillion $ Audit  7 Collaboration Capitals 8 Responsibility Corporations 
GKalyan corporate partners: GE Healthcare, Pfizer, Mayo Clinic
 5 Media for humanity's heroes      9 Pro Youth Universities 
Glasgow Caledonian : SB Prof of Health & Grameen Nursing
 4 Sustainability Place Leadership      10 SB Prizes in schools
 3 Microsummit      11 Digi Youth Job Creation Celebration Communities
 2 Up-Micro economical foundations 
GNurse funded by Nike Foundation Girtl Effect
 1 SB MicroBanks 
GKalyan - microhealth insurance -needs nurses

GShikka- secondary scholars need jobs (eg nursing)
  12 Hubs of NetGen Entrepreneurial Revolution 
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jamii Bora Social Business - world's most economical health insurance - unless you vote elsewhere rsvp info

  • Jamii Bora: Insurance for the uninsurable | International ...

    "Other health insurance providers would be too expensive for our members and will not always cover HIV-positive patients," explains Jamii Bora's Kibera ... - Cached -
  • Unitus - Jamii Bora Trust | Nairobi, Kenya

    Jamii Bora Trust also offers life and health insurance, including services for HIV-positive clients. Jamii Bora means “good families. ... - Cached -
  • : world's 200000 most entrepreneurially productive ...

    Feb 7, 2009 ... Presentation by Ingrid Munro, founder of Jamii Bora in Kenya. Munro is a revolutionary ..... most economical 200000 members health insurance ... - Cached - Similar -
  • 5:43 pm est 

    Social Business Case - Aravind -eyecare
    open source property asserted by The Social Business Action Team - Q&A welcomed by team - chris.macrae

    Aravind is one of social business cases I like to refer people to first for the simplicity of its evidence that it has systemised a 10 times more productive design.

    Some economies of social business compound over time – eg the way that the traditiona grameen bank was not just a system deign to create jobs for wome villagers but an investment in the whole next generation’s literacy and health.

    In contrast most of Aravind’s prrof of economy is evident as soon as a branch of the franchise opens. Aravind’s goal is to eradicate needless blindness by designing the most simple and most productively energised eyecare hospital for cateracts. It  origin is a surgeon in India who wanted his lifelong knowledge to be linked together into an open source franchise. The case came to fame from CK Prahalad’s searches at the turn of the millennium for 10 times more economical systems when designed to serve bottom billion markets.

    One of Aravind's chief advisers during the design stage was Larry Brilliant. Eyecare has always been one of his developing world specialties though he is known as the doctor who saw the last smallpox case eradicated. And was the first CEO of

    Basically 10 times more economical is achieved by training staff in exactly what support care is needed. A score of actual surgeons are supported by hundreds of para-nurses but it turns out that their duties of care are not advanced technically. Aravind trains village girls to be para nurses in a few weeks. This achieves a triple win – job creation, a wage that is very good for a village girl but much less costly than a nurse who is professionally qualified in everything that hospital nurses are responsible for outreach to a market of blind people who could not afford hospital price norms paid by healthcare services that start at the top of the market.

    Of course this is a hi-trust healthy franchise where lawyers etc are banned from either side of a contract between patient and hospital. Not that there is any sign that Aravind results are less safe than other eyecare hospitals.

    Another feature is that patients pay what they can afford. Typically the maximum charged is a third what other eyecare hospitals charge but this subsidizes many patients who can’t afford to pay at all to end their blindnness. Across 5 franchises in India, 200,000 operations ending blindness are conducted each year. The franchise has been replicated across nations. Bangladesh’s Grameen has so far built 2 eye care replications – each needing about half a million dollars to build the hospital and start up. The fundraising for these two replications was done by the responsibility pop group  

    Further ref: , aravind at  , aravind at yunuscentre
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    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    Icon version of grameen nurse case summary


    S2 sustainability model (provided operations work) made simple as almost unlimited demand for rural nurses jobs


    A3 Girl power nurses can be economic backbone of whole rural health system- a global aid foundation would not have local connectivity across age groups to turn nursing from almost 0% girl’s vocation to main one


    A2 Nike foundation aims to be number 1 in girl power and this looks like a defining girl power project


    A1 Glasgow caledonian’s trainers for UK NHS catalayst to get whole chain of partnerships flowing


    C1 C2 Both quality of replication and transfer modes supported by existing grameen kalyan branch structure, moreover C2 Yunus experimenting with lots of mobile ap. transfer in medical field

     C3 Why now worldwide womens social networks get behind this
    5:06 pm est 

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Yunus Twitter:

    Grameen Healthcare signs MoU today with Emory University to establish a Learning Centre in Bangladesh to train health care professionals
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    Link to web log's RSS file

    is the people's healthcare a crisis action issue in your place - tell us if so
    eg chris --

    We've got a fight on our hands. Powerful insurance companies are pulling out all the stops to defeat the President's plan for health reform. They're spending seven million bucks a week on lobbyists, blanketing the country with deceptive TV ads, and just funded two high-profile "reports" to distort what reform would mean for you.

    I know their game. I was in the Senate the last time health reform came around, and I saw the special interests savage our efforts. Frankly, under the old rules of Washington they were nearly impossible to beat. But now, thanks to you, the rules are changing. All the lies, scare tactics and lobbyist shake-downs in the world are no match for the incredible work of Organizing for America supporters like you. That's exactly what frightens them so much -- and it's what Barack and I are counting on.

    After decades of false starts, we're now just a short time from finally passing real reform. Every member of Congress will soon have to cast their vote. As real change draws near, you can bet the insurance companies will hold nothing back. That means OFA will need the extra resources to beat back whatever attack they can dream up next. Here's the bottom line: it's not time to let up -- it's time to double down.

    Please donate $5 or more to power OFA's fight for change as we head into the final round.

    When I talk about you changing the rules in Washington, here's what I mean: This week, crucial negotiations on Capitol Hill are shaping a comprehensive reform proposal. At the same time, the insurance companies' phony reports are grabbing headlines and their lobbyists are twisting arms. But your work is keeping them from setting us back.

    On Tuesday, OFA supporters around the country organized more than 1,000 local outreach events and generated an astounding 330,000 calls to Congress from constituents telling their representatives that "it's time to deliver." From my years in Congress and my conversations with Senate colleagues this week, I can tell you with confidence that your message broke through and you helped keep us on track.

    If this fight were only about guaranteeing the choice of secure, quality, affordable care for every American, it would be worth everything we could throw at it. But as Barack reminded us this week, this fight for change is now about something even bigger: a test of whether or not "we as a nation are capable of tackling our toughest challenges, if we can serve the national interest despite the unrelenting efforts of the special interests; if we can still do big things in America."

    I believe we can. And Barack believes we can. But what really matters is whether you believe we can. If you do, now is the moment to make it happen. Please contribute today:

    Thank you,

    Vice President Joe Biden

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